Who is Podswag?
Marisa Morales

Hi. Nice to meet you. We’re Marisa and Hannah and we are the people behind the all that is Podswag.

Podswag is a marketing arm of Stitcher Podcasts. We were recently acquired by Sirius XM and will be expanding our merchandise offering to encompass more shows and talent. As we move forward, our passion and dedication to the podcast creators and the artisans we work with remains the same.  Our goal is pretty simple - provide podcast and music lovers with a medium by which to support the talent they love. We do this by working with small businesses and independent artists to create high quality branded merchandise and then make that merch available for sale to the public in a centralized place - podswag.com. This helps podcast talent and shows fund growth. When you buy this masterfully crafted merch, you are making a direct impact and helping dreams come true!


Get to know us! 

Marisa is who made Podswag happen and has been involved in bringing it from idea to reality since 2017. She is currently the director of Merchandising and eCommerce for SiriusXM and the creative director for Podswag. Marisa started her career in fashion and merchandising after attending graduate school at FIDM with a degree in Product Development.  She has spent 16 years in the LA area, but recently relocated back to the East Coast. It’s a big adjustment, but her favorite things about being back on the East Coast are the tree lined streets, the traditions and nostalgia, and being so close to so many friends and family members. 

Hannah started with Podswag 4 years ago. She came to us after working in the entertainment industry. She is also a native podcast listener and has a great enthusiasm for what we do. She plays a huge part in making sure all the logistics of so many shows and different merchandise are taken care of consistently. She currently lives in LA and recently got engaged. We are all very excited for her and this new stage of her life. 

Our artists

As mentioned above, we work with designers who are the best in their craft. These are typically independent artists, graphic designers, and small businesses who have a passion for creating beautiful things that the talent will be proud to sell and the buyers will be proud to receive and use/wear.  Be sure to stay tuned over the next few months as we introduce you to the individuals in this talented group of people and share their work with you.   In the meantime, feel free to browse the different podswag merch created by them and available for you from your favorite podcasters by clicking, here

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