Longest Shortest Time: Dino Punch Enamel Pin

$8.00 $3.00
In LST episode #129, comedian Jessi Klein bemoans the lack of good options for baby boy clothing. "I don't want him to like wear a shirt with a dinosaur dick-punching a bear," she tells her pal, actress Casey Wilson. Of course, when we heard that, we knew we had to challenge our audience to draw a dinosaur dick-punching a bear. Our favorite depiction comes from New Yorker artist Emily Flake. These cute-but-aggressive animals will look fabulous pinned to your diaper bag or purse or lapel -- and you'll have a great story to tell when someone asks, "What is that dinosaur doing to that bear?"
  • Art by Emily Flake
  • Cloisonne- glass enameled pin on black nickel
  • 1.25" with black rubber clutch backing