Longest Shortest Time: Temporary Tattoo Sheet

$10.00 $6.00

Beautifully hand-drawn tattoos by Longest Shortest guest and fab tattoo artist Jessie Hopeless. Wear 'em because you're a proud mom, or because you love your mom. For all you nerds, the dashes around the heart spell MOM in Morse code!

  • Art by Jessie Hopeless
  • Size 8.5" by 11"
  • 6 different designs
  • Steps:
    • Cut It Out-Use sharp pair of scissors.
    • Location: Place on a flat, clean and free of hair.
    • Peel and Press: Remove plastic to expose adhesive and  and press sticky side to skin.
    • Wet, Slide & Move: Hold wet paper towel for 30-40 seconds then slide backing off.
    • Show off: Should last 2-5 days.