How Merch is Made
Marisa Morales

From concept to distribution, the success of our products and platform is no accident.  Podswag is different by design. 

Let’s start with step 1:

We help podcast talent curate products their audience will love.  The most popular items are typically T-shirts, Mugs, Stickers, and Sweatshirts because they are items that are functional and are used by people in their everyday lives. However we also know each podcast has a unique set of listeners.  Some of you love podcasts like the Office Ladies, where others are more entertained by True Crime Garage. Having a unique understanding of who is listening to what helps us determine what type of merch will be purchased, and has led us to some of the more creative products available at such as corn hole boards,  limited edition vinyl records, coloring books, shoe charms, and even soap!  

Step 2: 

How about art and creative? We know design matters! Sometimes merch with the name of the podcast and the logo isn’t always the most successful. Walking around with the shirt from your favorite podcast can be great conversation starters.  However,  as fans or listeners, understanding the “inside” joke make a product extremely popular. Some great examples of this is the merch found in the Threedom collection.  At Podswag we are extremely proud of our design team and are so grateful to be associated with each of our artists. In some cases, however, fan art becomes the basis for our merchandise. We have even added a place for fans to submit ideas for products and/or designs.   Whichever route we take on creating the design on the products, please know it’s always crafted with you in mind!

Step 3: 

Pricing, purchasing, and delivery is key! After putting in all the work to ensure the products are high quality and the design is on point, we take great care to make sure that these items are as affordable as possible and that the ordering and delivery process is simple. We provide quality products and pay our artists for their designs. Maintaining high standards and being able to stand behind our products while providing excellent service will always be our priority. 

At the end of the day, we believe creating media merchandise is a skill and an artform. Trends are constantly changing along with the conversations people are having. It will always be our goal to ensure you the listener will always have the most updated styles with fun and relevant designs to help you relive your favorite moments long after the episode has come to an end. 

Do you have a favorite piece of Podswag? Tell us about it! Follow @podswag on IG and then send us a message and/or photo with your favorite piece you’ve purchased or received from us telling us why you love it.  If we feature your photo on our feed, we’ll send you a gift certificate for $10 off your next Podswag purchase!